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    Morphing text out of video–After Effects, Premiere Pro or something else?

    Spread Peace

      I'm working on a short video for which the final version has to be delivered to the requester in After Effects. I am teaching myself how to use AE, and Premiere Pro (which I don't have copies of yet, just watching training videos for now). I want to do an effect that has text rising out of liquid, with the text maintaining the texture and color of the liquid even after it's extruded (I think that's the right word). I have video of the liquid that I shot, but I'm not sure which program I can use to do this in. I've looked at some of Adobe's training videos for both programs, and I watched the ones on text and the ones on 3D, but I haven't seen any examples of what I'm looking for. Does anyone know how I can create this effect, and if I need a different program completely? Thank you.