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    multiple device problem


      i downloaded an ebook and downloaded adobe digital edition on our laptop and everything worked great. i just bought a windows tablet and found an app to use on it for ebooks.  it required my adobe login info so i used my same login info but it didnt want to take it.  finally I got it to accept it.  now it wont open my ebook saying this title has been registered to another adobe id (but its the same). any thoughts?

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          sjpt Level 4

          Have you registered ADE (Digital Editions) on the laptop with your Adobe ID?

          It looks as if you have from the post, but not 100% certain.

          You might open the book on the laptop and hit ctrl-I (probably cmd-I on mac) which will give details.

          If not, there are complications which I will post later.


          Which Windows tablet app are you using? 

          I know quite a few people have had registration issues with the Overdrive app on Android and IOS.

          It the tablet a full Windows 8, or is it Windows 8 RT?

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            alanm37 Level 1

            yes, i did register ADE on the laptop. it says viewing on any device.

            i tried overdrive and had problems with it. i have Dreader now.

            windows 8 RT

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              sjpt Level 4

              Just experimented with Dreader and can't get it to open anything DRM.

              It won't see .acsm files, and when it imports DRM .epub it then says they are corrupt.


              Have you tried DL Reader?  Not much to my liking, but at least it works for me.

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                alanm37 Level 1

                I had not tried DL Reader. i just installed it and it opened the file for my ebook. apparently i still have a problem with my account because it still tells me that the book has been downloaded by another device and is not authorized for my account.

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                  sjpt Level 4

                  Just double-checking.  Are these the same?

                  1. The Adobe ID reported by ADE when you hit ctrl-I for the book
                  2. The Adobe ID you used to register DL Reader


                  The Adobe DRM infrastructure is a pain when it works, and I can't think of anything nastly enough to say about it when it doesn't.