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    AS2 isLive for progressive download issues


      Hey having some trouble with my FLV playback video player.  I am working with Flash Professional CS5.5 Actionscript 2 and have a video player that uses progressive download.  My issue started when it would not consistently recognise the "complete" event listener.


      After looking into many solutions I've found some strange issues.  Firstly when isLive is false the video won't play until it has finished downloading.  However when isLive is true it will play the video while it is downloading, but the seekPercent() won't work unless the video is fully cached.  Also while isLive is true the complete event listener doesn't seem to work consistently.  What I don't understand is why isLive is affecting progressive download when it should not be applicable to HTTP download.


      What also seems to be strange is this only happens in a web browser (Firefox, Chrome, and IE), when viewing from inside Flash's test view (CTRL Enter) or publishing to an exe it plays fine.  Another weird issue is my older backup video files work fine in a browser.  When I re-export the swf it no longer works the same way.  Has anybody encountered this before or know a good workaround?


      Thanks Ryan

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          if you're using a flash media server why are you using progressive download and how are you specifying that?


          if you're not using fms, isLive isn't valid.

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            ryno Level 1

            I am not using a flash media server, it is purely progressive download.

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              then isLive is not valid.  from the adobe help docs:




              Flash Player 8.


              Flash Professional 8.




              Property; a Boolean value that is true if the video stream is live. This property is effective only when streaming from a FMS or FVSS. The value of this property is ignored for an HTTP download.

              If you set this property between loading new FLV files, it has no effect until the contentPath parameter is set for the new FLV file.

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                ryno Level 1

                Thanks for your assistance so far.  Unfortuantley isLive is having some affects on my progressive download video.  To be absolutely certain I created a new flash file with new flvplayback component.  For the contentPath I set a link to my remote flv file, there is nothing special here it is sitting in a public directory on a dedicated server.


                When isLive is false, I hit play while the video starts downloading but it won't play until the video has fully downloaded.  When isLive is true, the video plays while downloading but the seek bar does not work.  Both tests were using the ClearOverAll.swf skin.  It is definitely progressive download because they are caching.


                I think there is something wrong with the flash export compiler because I never had this issue on my older video player versions.