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    After Generating a WinHelp File (*.chm) in RH 10 My Index and Search Index functions are disabled

    WilliamEngility Level 1

      Hi Folks,


      I am importing a Technical Document written in MS Word 07 into RoboHelp 10 and appear to be missing a step. After I generate the WinHelp FIle everything looks great however the Index Links and the Search Feature in the *.CHM file point only to the main page. The Toc Links work just fine. I have generated an index using the "Smart Index" wizard and It shows the Links pointing to the Project Home page. When I try to click on one of the generated index links they all point to the "home" page. The Search feature does not work at all.


      I am new to RH 10 and I know I am missing something. Can someone show me what that may be?


      Thanks in Advance and Happy Thanksgiving and Holidays.


      William Hazen