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    FMS for PC, Android and IOS


           I'm doing a job about FMS for PC, Android and IOS. I have completed configuration with ADOBE Help Article.


           I used HTTP Dynamic Stream


           e.g. http://localhost:8134/hds-vod/xxx.mp4







           On PC, I can play .mp4 .f4m file, with flash player.


           On IOS, I can play .mp4 .m3u8 file ,use HTML5  <video> tag.


           On Android, I try to use video.js to play the file, but only .mp4 file, how can I play .f4m file?


      Waiting your advise , thanks !

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          ospn2012 Level 1

          On android, HDS has been decreciated (Flash), Adobe Air can play F4M..  Also, jwplayer can play HLS .m3u8 over HTML5 on most androids, but not all.


          Instruct Android users to install FireFox..


          Or in some cases., Enable Desktop View, or Disable Mobile View in browser settings, will play HLS over Flash on most Androids.. Androids that 2.3  will play HDS w/ strobemediaplayback.swf and flash installed from the Adobe Archives.

          There is still no absolute solution for Android at the moment.

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            panving Level 1

            Thanks ospn2012 .