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    Having trouble with ebook formatting


      I'm putting together a book for publication as both print and ebook in InDesign CS5.5. I managed the print version no problem, but I kept getting very odd characters with the ebook. So I decided to just start over from scratch.


      I created a new InDesign book file, and decided to just test it with the first chapter. I placed the text of the first chapter from a Microsoft Word file, set up a different paragraph style for the chapter heading and the text, and set up a character style for instances of italicized text within the story. But when I tried Export Book to ePub and viewed it in Adobe Digital Editions, I still have the text looking all funky. For some reason, all instances of the letters "d" and "i" seem to be in superscript and there is a trailing space after every single instance of a double or single quotation.


      I formatted an ebook with InDesign a few months ago and I'm following the exact same steps from this Instant InDesign guide (http://www.instantindesign.com), but this problem didn't occur last time.