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    ValueObject - "Change this value according to your application's floating-point precision"

    bh-pano-life Level 1

      Working with AMF and PHP my Number values loose precision once in a while. Had a look at _Super_MyValueObjectClass and found out that the setter does something like this:



      * data/source property setters


      public function set t1(value:Number) : void


           var oldValue:Number = _internal_t1;

           if (isNaN(_internal_t1) == true || Math.abs(oldValue - value) > epsilon)


               _internal_t1 = value;

               this.dispatchEvent(mx.events.PropertyChangeEvent.createUpdateEvent(this, "t1", oldValue, _internal_t1));




      Looking for epsilon I found this:


      // Change this value according to your application's floating-point precision

      private static var epsilon:Number = 0.0001;


      The Problem is, _Super_MyValueObjectClass is autogenerated, but I don´t want this stupid epsilon. How can I get rid of it? Overriding it in the subclasses would be possible but also very annoying as I have a lot of value objects. I searched the net but found nothing. Please help.