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    FB 3 Beta 3 and 64-bit Eclipse

      Just FYI... If you install the 64-bit version of Eclipse 3.4M4 on an AMD-64 X2 machine running either Windows XP 64 or Vista 64, the FB 3 Beta 3 plugin works flawlessly. And, as an added bonus, the 64-bit Eclipse really screams!

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          How exactly did you get this to work? I have 64 bit eclipse 3.4 running on 64 bit jvm just fine but when I try to open the Flex Builder perspective I just get runtime errors and nothing shows up. Is there a setting somewhere that I am missing?
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            Martin-R Level 1
            I didn't do anything special. Make sure you have Eclipse V3.4M4. Go here:

            Eclipse V3.4M4

            The get the Windows (x86_64) download. It's the second download in the list. Do a clean install from this zip file of Eclipse. If you want any additional plug-in's for Eclipse, you'll have to hunt them down and make sure you get the correct version of the plug-in for the 3.4M4 version of Eclipse. I've got CFEclipse, Web Tools, and a VSS plug-in running. Install all the plug-in's you want before you do the FB install.

            Then, run the FB 3 beta 3 installation for the plug-in. Point to the 3.4M4 folder with it asks you for your Eclipse location. You'll get a warning that the plug-in may not work because it's the wrong version of Eclipse. Just continue at this point. FB should install and run just fine.

            Make sure you start with a new workspace afte the Eclipse install.

            Good luck,
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              Dtornkaew Level 1
              Still no go for me.
              Running Eclipse 3.4M4 with Java 6 for AMD64. Eclipse runs fine, and very fast, but when I install flex builder (and tell it to continue when it warns me about eclipse) it installs fine but when I try to switch to the flexbuilder perspective I get an error in 'com.adobe.flexbuilder.editors.mxml.ui.perspectives.development'. Everything is installed in clean folders and using a separate workspace location too.

              Oh well... wish I could get it to work as Eclipse is having issues on a new machine in the shop but 3.4M4 works flawlessly grrr...