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    Will I benefit from Adobe Premiere Pro compared to Elements 12


      My girlfriend wants to do some consumer level video editing on my computer, which has an i7-4770K processor and a GTX780 graphics card.


      The question is, will Adobe Premiere Elements 12 be able to take advantage of the GTX780 to speed up rendering, etc. or will we need a pro edition to do this?

      On my old computer she thought it took a long time to make the videos (rendering I guess?), but this was with an i5-2500, so maybe the improved CPU will be enough to speed things up?


      Furthermore, since she is relatively new to video editing all she does is on a consumer level, so will these applications ever take advantage of the gpu even if we step up to a pro edition?


      I have no experience with video editing so I'm not sure where the gpu can be utilised to speed things up, so if anyone could elaborate on this it would be greate.