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    After Effects and 4K - 1080 Scaling

    Pierre Devereux Level 2



      If I import a 4K footage item into Red Cine X (for instance), I have the ability to render out a 1080 version and keep excellent quality. In after effects, if I import a 4K footage item into a 1080 composition, and wish to see the entire 4k image, it has to scale down to 46.9%. When this is rendered out as a 1080 jpeg2000 export, is there going to be quality loss? because the scaling is so drastic (Well beyond the suggested 20%) will there be significant softening? What is the correct procedure for fitting 4K footage to a 1080 comp within AE and reatining image details?


      I ask this, because 90% of our footage (100% at this point) is shot at 4K and then post panning and zooming is added. this is then all passed into a 1080 AE comp. I wrote my very forst encore DVD today, and the images look very soft. I am fullt prepared to admit that I have no idea what I am doing in Encore, and so might have missed a check box or two, but my concern is I am messing up at the source points, and there is no fixing at this point.


      Thank you