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    Text field formatting

    Andy Venn

      Is it possible to set/measure the 'depth' of a text entry field? - I realise the width can be set by dragging to the desired point - I need to create a form with 2 or more text entry fields all of which should be the same size (and character lmited to 360, but I know how to do that bit).


      Ideally I need a field that will display a maximum of 360 characters without having to scroll. I realise I can do it by trial and error but even if I get one right I can't see how to copy the field and duplicate it further on.


      Any suggestions gratefully received.


      Andy Venn

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          Once you've resized the Multi-line text field to fit the 360 characters you will allow by trial and error (the height that is) you can copy and paste that field to create the same field elsewhere in the form.  Click on the field and use "Crtl+C" to copy and click on the field you'd like to paste it below and use "Crtl+V" to paste (on Mac these would be Cmd+C and Cmd+V).


          I think you will find a variation in web browsers and how much text will fit into that box since they may default to different fonts.