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    PageMaker Pagination


      I am working on a pagemaker project where I have a book with content on the left page in the Greek language and on the right page with its transalation in English. I want to number these pages automatically with the same page number on both pages. Is this even possible in Pagemaker? Can anyone help?

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          Jay Chevako Level 3

          The only way to do it automatically would be to put the two pages one double size page, so both languages would be on one page and you could number that page twice. But this would cause some major headaches when it comes time to print.

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            George_1054 Level 1

            Thanks for your reply

            What you suggest is not an option. The book is about 1500 pages and it is already done in PageMaker; all that is left for me to do is to paginate. Here's a thought, what about assigning two master pages, one for the odd pages and another for the even pages?  My idea is that on the even page master you leave off the RM. On the odd pages you leave off the LM.  Will this work? If so can you get me started.


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              Jay Chevako Level 3

              That won't work because the page numbers will not match up to what you want. I can't see a way to do this automatically.

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                BigJohnD Level 3

                For the page numbering to be as you require, you need two separate publications - one in Greek, the other the translation in English - and good proof reading to ensure they're sync'd correctly.


                But I'm at a loss how to integrate to the two publications for printing other than creating two PDFs and then manually, page by page, merging them in Acrobat.  Nah....

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                  George_1054 Level 1

                  Thank you all for your comments.  It will save me time looking for something that cannot be done.  I will convince the powers that be to number the pages automatically and consecutively as I thought it should be done in the first place.