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    INDD CS6 error: "InDesign cannot open files in the "InDesign CS5.5 Document" format.

    TishmanJ23 Level 1

      Working in CS6 on Mac OS X 10.7.5: When I double click an INDD file in the Finder, I get the following error from InDesign:


      "The document "doc name" could not be opened. InDesign cannot open files in the "InDesign CS5.5 Document" format." 


      This just started recently and I have not been able to figure out why. I have not updated INDD or OS X. I can't think of anything else that changed, other than maybe a Java update. Have not updated to the latest OS yet. 


      The files I'm trying to open are files I created with CS6 - as recent as a few minutes ago.  I can open them fine using the File>Open command in InDesign so I can open them, but I can't open them by double clicking them in Finder or dragging them to the INDD icon in the dock.


      The info in Finder's "Get Info" window says they are CS6 files set to open in CS6 and I have permissions to read and write. They are not locked.  


      This is not incapacitating, but rather annoying and slows me down since this is one of the most common ways I open files. 


      Any suggestsion would be appreciated.