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    The ARTICLE.RPLN plug-in conflicts with ARTICLE.RPLN


      Can't seem to find any info about this online, so I thought I'd ask here. I have InDesign CS5.5 and trying to open the program now, I get this message:


      The ARTICLE.RPLN plug-in conflicts with ARTICLE.RPLN. Try removing one of the two plug-ins from the Plug-Ins folder and restart InDesign. Show this alert again? Yes/No.


      (Article.rpln is in the "Required" folder, not in "Plug-Ins", btw alert.)


      If I press either option (Y/N), the dialogue just comes back straight away in a sort of infinite loop until I end task on InDesign.exe in Task Manager.


      Renaming the file: dialogue saying the file is not recognised as a valid plugin, followed by an alert saying it "cannot load InDesign.exe because it requires Article".


      Moving the file from the folder: alert saying it "cannot load InDesign.exe because it requires Article".


      I THIS this may only have started happening after I upgraded to Win 8.1 (from W8), but I'm not 100% because I don't use InDesign very often. It's a basic install from disc, I've not added any plug-ins to it.


      Anything I can do, or do I just go looking for the install disc and check to see if there's an option on it to repair installation? (Control Panel only had Uninstall, I checked.)


      Hope anyone can help.


      P.S. On a side note, Photoshop also displayed a funny message on opening the other day, but I just clicked "OK" and then it opened like normal, and has run and opened like normal since. Dreamweaver seems to open fine.