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    Modifying InDesign file that is on server is very slow

    FWH PC Support

      I have a user that is having issues modifying InDesign files that are on network storage.  There are other users that do not have any issues, users on the same network no more than a cubicle or two away.


      The issue is that the program becomes to slow to use.  When the user opens a file on network storage even trying to modify a line of text in a text box brings the whole program to a complete stop and it takes about a minute to recognize that you are editing the selected box.  highlighting text is not even possible as it is so slow.


      I have been having the user copy the file to there desktop from the server then save back when done (I think its more reliable this way anyways..) but they are curious as to why everyone else can work from the server and they cant.


      Any advice anyone?


      PS: User is using a Windows laptop, core i5 4GB RAM and InDesign CS6