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    Flash and Quicktime - Flutter Issue

      I have some animated flash buttons in a little Flash swf movie I imported in one scene. I link to a quicktime movie which is in another scene. If they overlap in coordinates, even though in different scenes, I intermitantly get a flutter while playing the quicktime movie.

      The flash sprite is no longer on the stage - what do I need to do to stop the flutter?
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          The flutter may be caused by any of a number things. If you issue an unloadMember() command after you finish with the Flash movie, you can then be sure that the Flash player isn't causing the problem.
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            Thanks for the input.

            I used member.unLoad() and that seemed to help quite a bit but after trying for a while going back and forth between scenes to see the flickering/fluttering intermitantly - then it would go away again - and I could not duplicate it.

            Anything else you can think of to try? Or is there a good detailed reference/description of how some of the renderings get generated with flash - about all I know is it happens 'off stage'.

            I greatly prefer the Quicktime DTS as it runs much better - no flutter/flicker when not DTS but not acceptible quality.

            Does the flash player try to optimize the screen updates somehow by marking areas as dirty and remembering/bufering larger/previous areas? There are some flash controls on the same page as the video I am runing so I can't completely unLoad() flash - not that I know how to force that anyway.

            Thanks again.

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              robdillon Most Valuable Participant
              For best performance, you want both the QT and the Flash members to be set to be direct to stage. What this does is reserve the space that these sprites use on the stage for those guest applications. This means that each application will be sending information directly to the video card for their pixels. There will be no overlap of information. This, therefore means that it is extremely important the the Flash and QT sprites don't overlap. Be sure to give them some space between the sprites on the stage.

              Having active Flash sprites and a QT sprite on the stage at the same time can be a very heavy load on the computer's processor. This may contribute to the playback problems. You may get better performance if you lower the data rate of the QT member.