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    Viewing display practices/advice?

    R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I would greatly appreciate participants listing their viewing display setups for working P-Pro, Sg, Ae & etc., including rough cost and how well (and quickly) it works for them, perhaps also noting what their output is used for.


      I've done a bit of searching on the Adobe sites, can't find anything worth reading on display monitors really other that say, calibrating for Lr or Ps, or a list of "approved" video cards. What we view our editing on, and how we use it, is rather important. I've seen some sites that go into some detail on choosing a monitor/s, display setups, etc ... many quite complicated and realistically thousands of dollars of 'stuff'. Much of the info is conflicting within a site, let alone between them. So I'd like whatever ever practical comments folks here have on how they've got their displays set up, what the end use is, and how well it works for that. If you MUST list a site to go to for advice, feel free. I've probably looked at it but maybe not. I'd like to know what people here use. And what they do with it.


      On the high-end would be something like recommended in the Hullfish/Howler book Color Correction For Video ... a commercial studio broadcast monitor as the "output/program-monitor" screen, a commercial scope machine/monitor, and the "main" computer display set for all the NLE/Grading/Fx software controls. Yea, I'd love that, but checking prices, can't justify it from business income at this time.


      The low end would be what I'm currently using ... a Dell U2312HM monitor set-up for stills work, calibrated with a Color-Munki. I've got an old Avia tv-calibration DVD at home I've thought about bringing down and checking how its color-bar set up works on this set-up, but ... haven't bothered yet. What I'm doing so far in video is making stuff for two portrait studios in the "hybrid" mixed stills/video product lines. I'm working on getting a full-video product line of interviews and suchnot, ready to roll as an additional 'line' within the next couple months. For what I've done, outputting for computer monitor/web use, since the last CC upgrade things seem "predictable" and usable. This is not to say, optimal. Ahem.


      Comments, people?