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    streaming VIDEO  :  FLV controllers for video jukebox


      How do i add action script so that when my video 1.FLV comes to and end it then loads up video 2.FLV

      i need this sequence to execute through all 5 tutorial.FLVs

      The command i am looking for is along the lines of when current FLV ends play current FLV + 1
      upto 5.FLV then go back to 1.FLV

      Hope does actionscript regonise the end of the FLV file ?

      Help me obi won kenobi - your my only hope....

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          Damon Edwards Level 3
          what are you using to display the FLVs? FLVPlayback component? NetStream/NetConnect? Need details.
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            wAyStead Level 1
            The FLVs are coded as progressive streams

            I'm controlling the FLVs using an old skool printing plate system
            buy embedding them within seperate .swfs

            in other words i'm loading the FLV. file into the master .SWF file
            embedded within a seperate .SWF

            i need the loaded .SWF that contains the embedded
            .FLV to auto flush out of the main movie once
            played out, it then needs to play the next file in that
            number seqeunce.

            ie : when this file (file name = 219.SWF plays out
            its embedded .FLV then autoload next file (220.SWF)

            THE OBJECTIVE of this feature is so that the TV
            experience continues automatially should the viewer
            not select a new movie at the end of the first feature.

            do i need to tag the end of each movie within each .swf
            OR can i do it using a basic control algorithm placed
            within one cell of the main .swf file... that algorithm
            reading as : when current loaded .swf file has played
            out its .FLV file then load current file + 1

            excuse my crude approach but i'm not an action script pro,
            i am getting the desired VISUAL fx using my current code...

            see : bulletprooftv.com for more of an idea....
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              wAyStead Level 1
              an after thought on this post is that should i not get any
              use-able feedback i might opt for putting a pause TIMER on each
              .swf, this wont effect play back of FLV... when cross reference with the
              run time of the FLV. combined with a simple GO TO command to load
              the next movie i would get the desired effect...

              however i would have to tag each individual file with the name of
              the next movie to load but this approach is okay for the
              DEMO version of the project... more sophisticated code
              would be cool.... a simple read this file play back then play this file + 1
              is what i'm really looking for... with a handler to dictate on sub categories...

              ie :

              if file starts 10? then play this file to FLV complete, then play file
              name + 1 until 199 then return to 100

              this would allow looping sub categorised programming...
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                So other than the fact that my code was riddled with errors, it was fine!

                WOw !!!!

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