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    How to select the layer to the right of the head?

    MarioMari Level 1


      Such a situation:

      1 Has ready complex composition with multiple layers, with layers of the audio.

      2 In the middle of the composition timeline I must to add one additional animation.

      The problem that Ae is not a simple and understandable for me in the sytuation. I can not find the manuals or tutorials.


      I do not want to spoil korealacji layers of existing animation and synchronized in sound.


      3 So I set the head in the place where I want to add a new place for new animation and now... I want to select all the layers that begin at the timeline on the right side of the head.

      — When I check this layers I could move right while maintaining their relative positions to each other on the timeline. In this way I create space for the new animation.


      It would be beautifully, gyby immediately pointed to the right half of the layers that intersect the line of the head and when you move, automatically place the head lines have been added needed time frame.


      Nested compositions, of course, I'll have to zmianiać individually, but the rest would like to speed up, not to create an animation from scratch.


      Sorry for my english


      Best Regards!

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