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    Popup TitleWindow component will not go away

      I have a very odd situation that I do not understand. I am attempting to create a dialog box and can successfully do so. The problem is, when I attempt to remove the dialog box, it does not go away! When I instruct the pop-up manager to remove my pop-up, it appears as though the dialog disappears. The background screen is once again in focus but there is still another copy of my dialog box on the screen that will not go away. The remaining dialog box still captures and emits events but it will not remove itself event though I tell to repeatedly.

      I create pop-up as follows:

      var popup:IFlexDisplayObject = PopUpManager.createPopUp(component,PreferencesComponent,false);

      In order to close the dialog I simply catch the close event and instruct the dialogue to remove itself as so:


      When I create simple modal dialog boxes like the development guide illustrates everything works correctly. However when I attempt to create the modal dialog box in my application I observe the above behavior. The behavior occurs whether the box is modal or not. It occurs when my parent is the application or a child component of the application. I have found no way to coax the dialog box to completely remove itself. It almost appears as though it is a bug but I cannot easily reproduce it to submit a bug report.

      I must be missing something. Perhaps I am not specifying the correct parent for the pop up. My application consists of a hierarchical tree of components. I am not certain what type of information to post. Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks a bunch.

      I am using Flex Builder 3, Beta 3.


      P.S. Sorry for the lack for HTML formating, but I couldn't seem to find a good way to post code on this forum