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    Help please for major problem with Actions in PSCS6


      Have used Actions successfully in CS5 and occasionally in CS6, but just recently, when applying an action via Image Processor - either from Bridge or from an open file in PS - it starts the action, but then I get a window coming up saying 'sorry - have been unable to process these files'. HOWEVER, the really scary thing is that sometimes it has completed the action but hasn't saved the file in a separate JPEG folder, but has overwritten the original. So my large multi-layered PS file has become a tiny jpeg file for using on the web for example. Sometimes it has left the original PS file open, even though it has managed to flatten it, re-size etc. Fortunately in that case I can click don't save, and still have my original.  Sometimes it actually creates the JPEG subfolder, but nothing gets there.


      By the way, this has happened using several different actions - whether re-sizing, adding canvas etc.


      Now of course, I don't trust it to do anything, and have to every step individually for each file.


      Can anyone help tell me what has gone wrong, and how to correct it?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          We would neet the exact messages, the action step and the stat eof of the failing document to help...

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            Jocelyn1760 Level 1

            Here is the error message, and a shot of the image processor window. I couldn't get a screen grab of the full action using the application 'Grab' because when I tried, Photoshop and the action list disappeared. But it happens with lots of the actions, including simple default ones for saving as a web jpg. The one I happened to be using this time involved:

            - re-sizing to just smaller than A4, adding  canvas to get to A4 size, then saving as jpeg and converting to sRGB.


            I'm not sure what you mean by the state of the failing document. I could see that PS had got as far as flattening the images, and resizing, and I think I saw a box saying it was converting the colour profile. It seems to get stuck around the save part - either not doing it at all, or doing it but over-riding the original and not saving in a separate JPEG folder which is what it usually does.


            Is that any help? error message.jpg

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              Jocelyn1760 Level 1

              Didn't seem to want to let me add more than one image, so trying again...


              Image Processor window.jpg

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                JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                You showed the error message but did not include the rest of the status like the Photoshop window containing the document window or tab palettes like the action palette and layers palette so we could see which action step may be encountering the error, what is the current Photoshop target etc.  In other words the rest of the story... like why are two files involved at the time of failure.. Are they the two selected in the Bridge your Image Processor dialog seen to indicate you have only selected two files in the bridge.

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                  Jocelyn1760 Level 1

                  OK - more info...(the plot thickens)

                  1. Yes I had only selected 2 files in Bridge to do that test

                  2. In my test this morning, I selected 3 (no layers in any of them), and it opened all of them, and the first thing it tried to do was convert the colour profile (I had requested my end jpegs to be saved in sRGB in Image Processor). Not sure why it started at the end so to speak, but that is where it stopped. Here is the screen grab showing the error message, action list etc.

                  Screen shot 2013-11-28 at 09.43.19.jpg

                  3. When I looked at the history window for each of the 3 images, it just said Open, File Info, File Info, Convert to profile. Aha I thought, if I just uncheck the sRGB box on Image Processor I will be OK. Unfortunately not - it just stopped at the File Info stage. So apparently stopping when it tried to start on the Action itself.

                  4. I tried a different Action - a very simple change of resolution without resampling, but again it stopped at the File Info stage

                  5. I tried a single PS file, with layers, and it flattened the image and then stopped at the Convert to Profile stage with a strange info box about "feather' not being available (see below), when I clicked continue it stopped with the usual error message.

                  Screen shot 2013-11-28 at 09.53.27.jpg

                  The Actions all work perfectly in CS5, so my next question is how can I get Bridge to open everything in CS5 while I do my batch processing, and then revert back to CS6 for normal work?


                  Any help welcomed!

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                    JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                    I not following. If nothing is open in Photoshop and you select files in the bridge then use menu tools Photoshop>Image Processor. Photoshop should open the Image Processor Dialog for you to fill in and hit run.  When you do the files should be process one at a time. Open changed new file saved and document closed.  There should never be more the one document open at a time unless you include an action which opens and closes files.


                    Have you tried not including an action just have the image processor resize.  Have you tried running the Image Processor from from Photoshop and not use the bridge. Process either open document or point it to a folder of source images.  The Image processor should process one image then move on to the next.  You wrote all images opened.  With normal processing only one image should be opened at any given time.


                    The message with a list of files must be coming from some script and the message about feather I can't see the Action step fot the palette is hidden by history palette.


                    Your actions should also be simple not do any resizing. Set the Image Processor to do the resizing that is one of the scripts main features.