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    if background-color

    oliverS Level 1

      Hello together,


      as allway it sounds simple, but when I want to realize it, it is difficult for me.



      On my stage there are four buttons and one red circle (named "circle").



      when i click the first button the color from the circle should change its color


      to blue in a one-second-transition.



      If I click the second button the transition should go to orange



      the third to violet


      and the fourth to green.


      All colors whit specific rgb-values.


      Normaly it is a perfect way to do it in the timeline


      but in this case it is not linear, whith the buttons there are to many oportunities.




      So i think it has to go like more or less like:












      First of all, I dont know if it is possile to get the color of an circle-element


      an if so, how to ask for it?


      And second how to add specific rgb or Hex values? like css..


      And at last is this the whright path to solve this problem, like I said if... else....


      Or is there another simple way to do it?



      any help would be great.