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    Help: Advanced


      Hi, I am looking for some expert help with a second release of this desktop + tablet (not mobile) Edge Animate project (1st release is complete and has gone public).


      http://www.bluelagooncruises.com/competition-de/  (finishes 29th Nov)


      or on my staging playform http://whakarongo.com/competition-nz/  (the competition ends any day so use this link as backup)



      It has launched in Germany, Australia and New Zealand.  However after launch we discovered three critical bugs that are right now beyond my ability to fix and I need to get them fixed before we launch other countries.



      BUG 1. Loading: sometimes it took 'forever' to load.  I was wondering how I could redevelop it so that the loading time would be quicker?  My current idea is to make each page in the quiz an individual HTML page (my thoery is that loading takes so long because of all the background images and animations?). Or is there something we can do within the edge files?


      BUG 2. The quiz buttons sometimes go to rollover state on first load (ie instead of being orange they are green, we need them to be orange always), is this something in my edge compositions?


      BUG 3. The right hand panel including text and the quiz does not fit proportionally onscreen.  I want it to centre into the right hand half of the screen both veertically and horizontally.  Right now it is pinned to the top right corner and on bigger resolutions the page looks unbalanced.   The smallest height we are developing for is 590pixels high but the largest height can be 1024px (iPad portrait)



      Im not fluent in javascript and find some of the edge commons stuff just a bit out of my reach. SO I am looking for someone who has some experience and ideas with that stuff.


      I realise this may take some time. I have a small budget to help with a full audit, redesign recommendations and possible code fixes. and would appreciate if you are interested please touch base on email. My name Kingi Gilbert, email is Kingi@ignitestudios.org. I am based in Hawaii and working on Skype mainly.  Please email me if you would like to work on this directly, or please do feel free to comment away on this forum. 


      Otherwise I am happy to upload the folders and files so can get any suggestions.Its about a 12mb install file.


      The full development package is 22mb and includes a MUSE file.