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    GPU Accelerated, AE CC 12.1 problems

    marcosh13 Level 1

      So, I've been having problems with AE and NVIDIA since I upgraded to CC 12.1. First, the app wouldn't recognize the Graphics card (Quadro 4000 for Mac). I then updated the driver for the card, upon the suggestion of other users. Now, when I launch the app I get a warning: "the GPU Accelerated ray-traced 3D renderer does not have enough free video memory", which doesn't make sense for I have 24GB of RAM, 10.8.5 and a 6-Core Mac Pro! Sooooo irritating!! Someone from Adobe suggested to other users with the same problem to quit the web browsers while working with AE. C'mon, that's ridiculous! So I have 24GB of RAM on my machine and I can't have two apps running simultaenously???


      C'mon, Adobe!!!!


      Marcos H.