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    How do you connect parts of a split clip?

    Kawika808 Level 1

      How do you connect parts of a split clip?  I unlinked audio from video, split the ambient audio and removed some unwanted background noise.  I now need to connect the two parts of the audio and stretch to match the length of the video portion. I don’t want to stretch just one part of the audio; I need to stretch the entire audio clip so that it is uniform.  I am using APE12.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          In PrE, there is no "Heal" function, like in a few other NLE programs.


          When the Audio has been split and edited in PrE, that is the way that it is. If the work had been done in an Audio-editing app., then when the work was done, and a new Audio file Exported, or Saved, it would be in one file.


          What is the reason that you want to join the segments? There might be a way around that, though not a quick Heal.


          Good luck, and let us know a bit more, please.



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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Does this audio file contain music or dialog that will need to be put in sync now that the audio has been edited for noise removal?


            Where did you do this noise removal...with 3rd party software or using the audio effects offered by Premiere Elements 12?


            Have you tried the noise removal effects in Premere Elements 12 to avoid unlinking video and audio and having to fit video to audio?




            Add On...what computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 12 running on?

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              Kawika808 Level 1

              Thanks for such a quick reply.  I was shooting footage for a soothing background: gently rolling waves washing on the shore, with the sound of the water.  In the middle of the clip, some voices were audible.  Everything was timed, so it wasn't practical to just cut out the middle of the video.  (In addition, this would leave a visual hiccup due to the motion of the sea.) 


              So it seemed like the best and easiest thing was to cut out only the bad audio (only a few seconds) and then extend the duration of the remaining audio track to match that of the video track.  This was easy using Time Stretch, however this method only extended the portion of the audio track prior to the cut, leaving one portion at original speed and the other at 96%.  In other words, the audio track is the same length as the video track, but there are two slightly disparate parts to the audio track--one a bit slower than the other.


              Now in this particular case it's not terribly important, since the sound of waves is pretty amorphous, and a slight difference between the two parts (96% vs. 100% of original speed) is not going to be noticed.  But I would prefer to have a method that would work when such things do matter.


              What would be really nice would be the ability to

              1. Remove the corrupted audio

              2. Fuse/join/recombine the two audio portions

              3. Stretch the entire new audio track to match the length of the original video track.


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                Kawika808 Level 1

                Audio was all native/ambience as described.

                All processing was APE12.

                Not sure how noise removal would fit this case--it's all coming from native/ambient sound, picked up by the camera while shooting.

                Win7, but I'm unclear as to what effect that would have on APE12.