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    AE CS6 - Focusrite Forte driver no longer supported?

    Major Thurman



      Following the latest update to AE CS6 my focusrite forte audio card is no longer accepted?  It works fine in every other program including the latest AE CC and all other Adobe CC programs and also Abelton Live, Cubase, Windows Media, Quicktime etc.


      If i add an audio track into a project in AE CS6 and try to play back I get the following error message...


      Audio Driver not supported, please re-configure your device or change Audio Output, alarmingly I'm also sometimes getting the BSOD!, which I've never had since building this machine. 


      I have all the latest drivers for both the focusrite forte and Adobe CS6 installed and like I say until the last update is was working fine.


      Can someone please look into this, I dont know what else to try.  I like using AE CS6 instead of CC because of the massively overlooked god awful lag everytime CC tries to search for a file not on a super high speed SSD, by the way when is the fix for this coming?


      If you need any additional info then please ask


      My comp specs


      Windows 7 64 bit

      Intel core i7 3930K

      32 gig ram

      AMD Firepro V7900 Graphics

      Focus Rite Forte USB 2 Audio


      All the best