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    Spark Blinking issue

    Arun Viiswanathan


          I am creating a folding animation in flex. For the folding animation I am adding and removing sprites to a spark group. Using the tween class I tweened the sprites and on animation complete I am removing the current sprites from the group and adding the new set of sprites to tween.




      This is used to remove the elements from the sprite




      This is used to add the element to the sprite


      But the issue I am facing is a blinking happenning while removing and adding sprites to the group. The thing is this is happening onlly at initial loading of tha application. Tried different ways with no success. Any help will be appreciated.



      Arun Viswanathan

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          Arun Viiswanathan Level 1

          Understood the probelm. But still not find the solution


          Its not sure that removeAllElements and addElement happens in one update. It may be happen in atleast two updates one for removal and one for addition. The blinking is caused by the brief time frame b/w the two updates.


          Is there any way to make the update at once?