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    What happened to importing signature fields?

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      I have been working on a form for the past few weeks. When I started this project, I was able to have a signature field on a PDF form and import it into Forms Central with no problems.  The field would show up on my moble divices, I could sign it with the Pen tool, and then Submit the form. The Signature would show up when I downloaded the responces as a PDF and everything worked fine.


      NOW... All of a sudden I get an error that I can not import the signature field and it will be ignored?!


      Why the sudden Change? This is a deal breaker with forms central for us.


      Please help!!

      Jeff Keller

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          That is very odd.  FormsCentral does not and has not supported Signatures. 

          This FAQ mentions the lack of support for Digital signatures in the Imported PDF: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-2533


          I am not sure what you might have seen.  The Import PDF feature has never supported Signatures and the form submit does not know about signatures and couldn't submit a signature to have it show up in the Response PDF you download from FormsCentral. 


          I am not sure what to tell you about what you had seen before, but a Signature workflow is not supported when collecting responses through FormsCentral.