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    a bug? button + drop shadow filter

      Hi Everyone,
      Been playing with the buttons on fireworks and I think this might be a bug...

      On the 'Up' state, I've got a button with a drop shadow...
      On the 'Over' state, I've got the button without a drop shadow..

      But when I review it and put my mouse over the button, the drop shadow is still there!
      is this right? It doesnt look right...
        • 1. a bug? button + drop shadow filter
          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
          Can you share your .png file for others to confirm?

          I should add, does your Down state also have the drop shadow?
          If so, get out of button mode.
          Select slice area of the button in your document.
          Then look in the Property Inspector. There is an option there to 'Show Down State on Load'. Make sure this is inactive.