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    Blurry look in Indesign

    Nille Level 1

      Is it normal that pictures  and illustrations are looking blurry in indesign? - Both comming from Bridge, Iphoto og Illustrator.


      BR Nille

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          PrintFusion45 Employee Moderator

          Hello Nille, Welcome to the community.


          This behavior depends on the InDesign Display Performance settings under InDesign Preferences. You can try changing the display performance by navigating to Preferences > Display Performance > and then change the Default view: <High Quality>. Linked images often are displayed a little blurry if display performance settings are set to typical. Another way to remove the blurry view is to embed the link altogether inside the InDesign document. However, embedding links is not a recommended workflow if the artwork is fairly complicated and large filesize.


          Hope this helps.



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            Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Please note it's a display issue only - as InDesign doesn't display the actual image itself, but rather displays a watered down version that makes it easier for InDesign to function normally.


            Embedding images and/or having the High Quality display performance active can have drastic performance issues on your computer.


            Embedding images that are used repeatedly throughout the document is not recommended - as you cannot edit the images globally.


            That is if you have the same image/logo/drawing placed in InDesign and would like to edit it - then InDesign will allow this and bring to the appropriate editing program - then update the image throughout your document.




            Another reason images may look blurry is because they do not have enough resolution.



            Typically you should ask your print vendor for what quality images should be for the type of print reproduction you are doing.



            Image quality can be viewed in Window>Info


            Select the image


            You have 2 readings


            1. Actuall PPI
            2. Effective PPI


            Reading No. 2 is the most important, as it shows the image resolution after scaling is applied in InDesign.