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    Using workflows while authoring/reviewing/approving

    Diya Rahman

      A workflow mechanism wherein reviewer gets a notification of review package or a project in 'review status' ready for his review.

      Reminder if he doesn't complete review within 7 days.


      Prior to publish, Approval workflow with my manager, or sometimes multi-level workflow with different stakeholders.  Once approval is finished, the project can be published.


      Is this possible using Rh Server, plus, any other Rh tools, along with Rh10?


      Thanks in advance for any insights into this.




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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Zia.


          There is no functionality of that type in RoboHelp or RoboHelp Server. However if your were to use something like Microsoft SharePoint, you could have review and approval workflows. What is more you can use the RoboHelp to SharePoint integration features to generate your output to SharePoint. Alternatively you could use the PDF review functionality and add the PDFs to SharePoint and use the workflow functionality there to achieve your objectives.