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    Linked doc to project. Added index to topic. What happens when I update?

    Juliette Curtis Level 1

      Hi all:


      I'm using RH10 and Word 2010.


      After a lot of struggle and with help from Peter Grainge's excellent website, I successfully linked a doc to a RH project. Four topics were generated from the doc.


      There were no index keywords in the doc.


      I added some index keywords to the RoboHelp topics.


      As a test, I generated the topics again. The index keywords were still attached to the topic. This surprised me: I thought they would disappear when I regenerated the topic.


      Is it safe to add index keywords to the topic or should they be added to the source doc instead? If there are index keywords in both the doc and the RH project, will the ones in the project disappear when the topic is regenerated?


      It seems too good to be true...


      Thanks for any advice.

      Juliette Curtis