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    CS6 Color Management issues - old documents to new documents




      Hi there,

      I'm having color management issues.

      I know this has been spoken about in some discussions already, but I dodn't completely understand the answers.


      During this project of creating stationery for a customer, I swapped over to the Adobe Suite CS6 - and all hell broke loose. (Pantone 288 U was being used)

      Please can someone help me by answering my below questions.


      If you look at screenhot 1, you will notice the different blues between the two documents, although they both are Pantone 288 U, both illustrator files and both have all the exact same settings (overprint preview, CMYK, "North America General Prupose 2", color preview selected.)


      The other two screenshots show the same pantone, and show how my working spaces and color profiles are EXACTLY the same.


      1. Am I seeing two different blues because I might have started the background document in CS5 and possibly the front one in CS6?

      1.1 And if so, how can I create the perfect working space so that I know which blue is closest visually to that Pantone? (I know it can never be 100% correct, but good gracious the top document looks almost lavender instead of blue. Generally my colours look at least vaguely similar to the patnone book, both my digital pantone color and my CMYK). I don't understand how I can have the exact same documents next to each other - showing different outcomes for the same Pantone and each with different CMYK conversion values.


      2. I have to create "digital" print runs on some smaller stationery, but both these documents are outputting different CMYK values for those Pantones... I have no idea which CMYK values to use.


      3. The Client chose their blue from a pantone book... which looks similar to the background document - which was my original working space. Now, with the top document thrown into the mix, I don't know what to expect when it prints. What do I do? Do I jsut supply my printer with each saved out as a PDF (both will have the smae Pantone name) - even though the PDFs "Look" like I'm using different colours?


      4. Should I just install CS5 and continue working on this project with colours that look the same from document to document and know what will be printed?


      5. Could someone explain (in laymans terms as much as possible) what these new pantone + colours are?
      5.1 do they have specific new color books that we need to buy?

      5.2 Does having them in CS6 change the old pantones?


      I don't fully understand PMS or LAB colours - I've never needed to know so far - so maybe my ignorence is halting my understanding of these color issues?


      Please can someone help me get my project into one correct color space that prints what it is supposed to.




      I went into photoshop and used the OLD pantone library (not the plus) and it STILL doesn't match my original Pantone chosen from the book... Is it because I am looking at it in Photoshop CS6 instead of CS5?


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