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    Décalage audio video


      PE (10,11,12) produit un décalage entre l'audio et la video à l'importation  de tous fichiers mpg (issus de la TNT). La mauvaise synchronisation est de l'ordre de deux ou trois secondes. L'importation, dans d'autres logiciels, se passent correctement. Une idée?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          I have a few questions, please:


          1. The files are coming from "TNT." What is that exactly, and how were the MPEG files produced from it?
          2. What are the full specs. of bothe Audio and Video in those MPEG files?
          3. What Project setting did you use in PrE (it appears that you have tried with the three latest versions. Is that correct?), when you did New Project?
          4. I assume that you are using PAL settings. Is that correct?
          5. Are you on a PC, or a Mac?


          Thank you for that info.


          Good luck,




          Note: if necessary, you can use the Translate button in the forum, to get from English to French.

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            JCBelfiore Level 1


            TNT (Tévévision Numérique terrestre) est le type de diffusion en France de la télévison. J'enregistre avec une clé USB Hauppauge sur mon PC.

            (Notez que PE est le seul logiciel à produire un décalage entre l'audio et la vidéo. Avec Nero, par exemple, il n'y a pas de mauvaise synchronisation).



            Les propriétés données par PE sur le fichier mpg sont les suivantes (c'est un exemple):

            Type : sequence MPEG

            Taille du fichier : 2,8 GO

            Taille d'image : 720x576

            Fréquence d'images : 25,00

            Format audio source : 48000 hz-compressé - Stéréo

            Format audio du projet: 48000 hz-32 bits en virgule flottante - Stéréo

            Durée totale: 02:04:47:20

            Débit moyen des données : 387 Ko/seconde

            Rapport L/H en pixels : 1, 4587


            Projet utilisé: "Caméscopes, disques durs, mémoire flash" ==>"grand écran" (pas de message d'erreur de PE) =



            Camescopes disque dur, mémoire Flash Grand écran 48 kHz

            - Pour les fichiers vidéo produits par des caméscopes avec disque dur, tels que les modèles JVC Everio,Sony HDR et DCR.

            -Vidéo PAL Grand écran (16:9 entrelacée).

            -Audio 48 kHz (16 bits).


            Mode de montage : DV PAL Base de temps : 25,00i/s


            Taille d’image : 720h 576v (1,4587)

            Fréquence d’images : 25,00 images/s Rapport L/H en pixels : Dl/DV PAL Grand écran 16:9 (1,4587)

            Trames : Trame supérieure en premier Réglages audio

            Echantillonnage : 48000 échantillons/s

            Montage par défaut

            Total des pistes vidéo : 3

            Type de la piste principale: stéréo

            Pistes mono : 0

            Pistes stéréo : 3

            Pistes 5.1: 0



            Merci pour votre réponse,


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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Was the 720 x 576 recorded with display aspect ratio of 16:9 or 4:3?


              What is your intended export of the Timeline for this project....PAL DVD-VIDEO widescreen or something else.


              If something else, I would question your use of the PAL Hard Disk Flash Memory/ choice of project preset vs PAL DV Widescreen.


              If something else, please detail your intension.


              Thank you.



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                JCBelfiore Level 1



                The video is recorded with display ratio of 16:9.


                I want to cut some advertisement and export my file to a video (mpg, or DVD). Before I take any action on the file, immediatly after the importation, there is a difference between audio and video.


                If I choose PAL DV Widescreen, an error appears in PE. PE suggests me another project (Which project? I don't know; but it does not match anyway).


                PE accepts only the project "PAL Hard Disk Flash Memory, Wide screen".


                I have tried all the projects! - There is always the poor synchronisation (a few seconds).


                Am I comprehensible ?



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thank you for the reply.


                  When you are playing back the Timeline video, are you working from the rendered or unrendered Timeline content?



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                    JCBelfiore Level 1

                    Rendered and unrendered give the same result.

                    The poor synchronisation does not appear with .avi (divx) or DVD (.vob). Only with .mpeg or .ts recorded with my TV Hauppauge. But the problem appears only in  P.E.

                    I don't understand anything.


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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Thank you for the reply.


                      If you have control over the settings of the recorder, please check the video bitrate setting.


                      There was a recent case where out of sync audio was encountered in the Premiere Elements Timeline content playback and was corrected by lowering the video bitrate which was set too high.


                      If all else fails, there is the possibility to unlink the audio from the video, select the file, hold down the Alt key as you nudge the video and audio into sync with the right or left arrow key. With the Alt hold down and one tap of the arrow key, 1 frame nudge. With Shift+Alt hold down and one tap of the arrow key, 5 frames nudge.


                      Please let us know if any of the above helped.





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                        JCBelfiore Level 1

                        Thank you for the reply. But

                        1. How can I lower the bitrate ? Before importing the video or in P.E.? I can't make this change in Hauppauge.

                        2. I have tried to unlink the audio from video. But, I think, it's... in french "bricolage" = patch-up job (?), and not reliable, because the duration of bad synchronisation moves (from the beginning of the movie to the end).


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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          If you are observing the out of sync audio only in the export, then we should be able to adjust the export setting video bitrate under the Advanced Button/Video Tab of the preset selected.


                          But, if you are getting the out of sync audio before export, then that bitrate adjustment would need to be made in the recording settings.


                          The nudge technique may be the only way. But we are not at that conclusion yet. But, assuming that these problems are met before export, you could also look at changing the video compression that is used by the recording program doing the recording. Is that a possibility?


                          But please double check to make sure what control you have over the recording settings in your Hauppauge setup if the problem only happens after encoding in Premiere Elements.


                          Even if you have an out of sync audio at the Timeline level before export, we might look at finding a video compression audio compression combination at the export level that might yield an audio video in sync product.





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                            JCBelfiore Level 1

                            Thank you.

                            There is no possibility to adjust anything in the recording program (Hauppauge).

                            The out of sync audio is "produced"  BY P.E.  during the importation. Really, it is incomprehensible.

                            I try to understand for two years... I don't know what I have not tested. (For this reason, I  purchased Nero...).

                            Thank you,


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                              A.T. Romano Level 7



                              From what you have written, I am understanding that you have had this problem with your mpg files from this recorder for Premiere Elements 10, 11, and 12.


                              For using these files with Premiere Elements, I believe that the answers come in adjusting the recording settings for video compression and/or bitrate or changing the video audio compression combination. But, you say that is not possible. And, you say that the "nudge" into sync of the unlinked video audio on the Premiere Elements Timeline is unacceptable. Previously I mentioned trying to resolve the impasse by exploring combination of video/audio export settings where the export would have video and audio in sync. I am not sure if you wanted to try that or saw the need to do so.

                              There have been instances where that has worked for the Premiere Elements user in one of these audio out of sync issues.


                              Since Premiere Elements 12 appears to be your third version of the program and you are still having the same issue with each with this particular file from this particular recorder, have you at any time contacted Adobe about this? If so, what type of response did you get?


                              We are glad that you have found Nero to deal with your .mpg video without issues.


                              We are not Adobe here, just Premiere Elements users trying to help other Premiere Elements users with their workflow issues.



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                                JCBelfiore Level 1

                                Thank you for the reply.

                                Changing bitrate, adjusting recording video in Hauppauge is not "physically" possible.

                                But I have tested all the combination of the decoder video + audio. Without success.

                                I said: this trouble go on for two years. I have tested ahead and in advance combination in PE. I have not found the solution. I don't say that does not exist.

                                I have purchased PE 10. I have tested PE 11, and PE 12 recently (evaluation version) to see about the trouble. Unfortunately, the trouble remains.

                                I use PE 10 for personal video. No trouble to declare. But, I would like to use ONE program.

                                I have asked to Adobe. They answered me... "Try a different recording program"!

                                Well, I thank you for your patience.


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                                  JCBelfiore Level 1

                                  I just want to add that my trouble is known (in Adobe Premiere!). See:


                                  But the solution is unknown.