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    Have a Bug in Adobes Photoshop CC (Picture turns black)

    Lucky Sparkle

      A wonderful evening, I have a litte Bug in Adobe Photoshop CC which is really annoying.

      I have the Bug on my Dell XPS 15 L502X with Intel Core I7, 8GB DDR3-1333 Ram and Intel HD 3000/ nVidia GeForce 540 GTX

      Actually I use Windows 8 but I had have the same Problem with Windows 7 on the same Machine


      Uhm, everytime I zoom OR when I will ad a Font the Picture goes to black, when I zoom in or out than a bit it changes to normal again.

      When I type then with a Font it changes black again until I zoom in or out a bit again.

      This is really annoying when I try to work cause it really takes time I don't have


      Is there any Idea what I could do against it?

      Photoshop runs on the HD 3000 as far as I see (cause in the Options I only can choose this card uhm, the GeForce 540 activates first when the Graphpower from the HD3000 is to less in the Intel Drivers opinion)