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    Problems working with an Axis2 Web Service

      Please please can anyone point me in the right direction with a problem I have been stuck on for quite a while?

      I am currently facing issues invoking an Apache Axis2 Web Service written in Java from my ColdFusion (MX7) application. The Web Service has been written in-house by a colleague and deployed on a Linux server running Apache2 and Tomcat (6.0.14). The WS location is:


      All methods of the WS expect 1 XML doc request and return 1 XML doc response. Every time I invoke a method for example searchEstabs I receive the following error message:

      'No serializer found for class coldfusion.xml.XmlNodeList in registry org.apache.axis.encoding'

      <!--- /// Start: Example Code --->

      <cffile action="READ" file="C:\xyz\ExampleRequest1.xml" variable="ExampleRequest1">

      websrv = CreateObject("webservice"," http://gw.bedsearcher.co.uk/BsTestWebService?wsdl");
      res = websrv.searchEstabs(XMLParse(Trim(ExampleRequest1)));

      <cfdump var="#res#">

      <!--- /// End: Example Code --->

      Thanks again,
      Stewart :)