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    Unable to open an encrypted doc by certificate?




      My company has recently rolled out Adobe Acrobat's Digital ID security measures to our clients to protect our data and publications. I've been in charge of setting our clients up and supporting them in the process.


      About 80% of the time encryption by certificate works and they're able to open the PDF i've encrypted using our Digital IDs, however, a couple of times our clients have been unable to open the document despite the fact they're opening it on the computer where they created the digital id. Our clients have also made sure that they're opening it using the right version of Adobe Reader/Acrobat Pro. I'm really not sure what the problem could be or what I can do to help our clients.


      When I open the trusted identities list, some clients' certificate issuer is listed as 'Communications Server'. What exactly does this mean? Does it mean it hasn't been self-signed? Could it be the reason that they're unable to open to the encrypted document?



      Thanks in advance,