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    Please help with this

    Zolotoj Level 3
      I am debugging the following code. :
      1. params.fileid = 1
      2. params.fileid = mainApp.cboFileList.selectedItem[0][0];

      Expressions window shows
      params.fileid = 1 with value of 1
      mainApp.cboFileList.selectedItem[0][0] = "1" with value of 1
      after line #1 has been executed.
      After line #2 is executed it shows same for mainApp.cboFileList.selectedItem[0][0]
      but for params.fileid it shows
      params.fileid = <curfilelist> with the value of:

      My queastion is: with limited knowledge of Flex how can I use such a confusing debugging info?
      Yeah ..... get rid of "limited" but still???

      Please, help.