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    No jump


      Hello, I am new to Adobe Edge Animate. I have made a menu-animation with a 'compass' that rotates on mouseover on 4 separate symbols (buttons) around it. The compass jumps immediately to the button (label) on mouseover, but I would like the compass to play the timeline (rotate slowly) and lighten up the buttons in between.

      Is that possible? And how do I do that?

      This is the action I used:




      On mouseout (sym.playReverse();) it works fine.

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          Zaxist Level 4

          just remove sym.stop("pos3");



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            RonSpronk Level 1

            Thanks for your reply Zaxist.  When I remove sym.stop("pos3"); (and the: sym.stop("pos1"); sym.stop("pos2"); sym.stop("pos4" actions from the corresponding buttons); the compass rotates always to the end of the timeline (pos4). No matter on which of the 4 buttons I mouseover.   Ron

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              Zaxist Level 4

              well, you just need to put stop(); action directly in your timeline where you want to make it stop, just move your time line to that time and press action and just click on stop(); from action panel !


              action button is exactly under Lable button that you're using to make lable for your timeline ..


              i hope this can help you



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                Thanks, Zaxist. I have the same problem as RonSpronk.

                So, what you are saying is that stop( ) has two different meanings.

                Inside a Timeline trigger, it means "play up to this point".

                Inside a Symbol trigger, it means "jump to this point" instead of playing.

                This means that the current version of EA does not permit an object action that will play() up to a stop().

                Maybe inside an object trigger, stop( ) needs to be renamed jump( ).

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                  Zaxist Level 4

                  yes, you're right...


                  that means jump inside an object trigger..