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    Shortcuts stop working without apparent reason


      I'm running the most up-to-date of Photoshop CC on a MacBook Pro, with OS X version 10.9 (Maverick), and a lot of times the shortcuts just stop working. I'm always switching between B (brush) and E (eraser) and all of a sudden it just stops working, as if it was stuck in one tool.


      Tools shortcuts don't work, neither stuff like Cmd+S for saving or Cmd+U for undo (this one is pretty annoying).


      The only way of being able to continue is to either click in the tool by hand or tap a few times with the tool on the screen or in the application frame.


      I have downloaded the latest wacom drive for my cintiq 12WX, and I have reset my photoshop preferences: nothing worked.


      I have never noticed the problem occuring when using the mouse, only when I'm using the cintiq.

      I never had this problem with photoshop cs6.



      Any suggestions that might fix this? It gets on my nerves after a while because the "flow" gets interrupted and everything takes a lot longer.