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    Features request for Adobe Presenter 9.... Video recorder as in Presenter 7

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      I just make a features request thru the Adobe website....




      *******Enhancement / FMR*********

      Brief title for your desired feature: Simple video recorder

      How would you like the feature to work? As in Presenter 7

      Why is this feature important to you? The new "Adobe Presenter video creator" is great as a standalone video creator.  But when I'm in Powerpoint and want to record a simple sidebard video for 1 slide... It's a shame that the simple old way to do this doesn't exist anymore.  I just want to click "record", select that I want my video in the sidebar, record my video with my webcam and then stop... I don't want to record the screen, the webcam, export as mp4, reimport it in Powerpoint, etc...  In Presenter 7 I could do a simple video record for a sidebar video.... Why did you remove that fonction ?





      I just want to know if other think like me...


      Here, we use Adobe Presenter to make online courses.  We use it to add narration to slides.  And occasionnally, we want to add a video in the sidebar section for an intro for example... In Presenter 7 we could click on record, choose that we want the recording video at the sidebar position, record the video with the webcam and that's it... it's done !  We have a slide that has a video in the sidebar.


      Now in Presenter 9, we have a new way to make video but that doesn't work !!!

      The Adobe Presenter video creator is great as a standalone software...  But when I'm in Powerpoint in my Adobe Presenter tab and I want to add a simple video record with my webcam... I just want to click record video and see that my webcam open and can record.  I don't want that another software open, that I have to export the video, go back to my Powerpoint, import the video that I previously export....... It was so easy in Presenter 7.... Why did they remove that simple function ?


      Also, when Adobe Presenter video creator open, it also make a screen capture.  That great when you need it... but when you don't need it... you don't want it.  Can you add a button : "record webcam only" ?

      I have a HD webcam and with the Adobe Presenter video creator I cannot get a simple fullscreen video of the webcam.  If I make a recording and then select the layout to see just the webcam.  I have the image of my webcam in the middle and the captured screen dimmed in the background.  So, if I import that video in the sidebar section, that doesn't work !!!  I don't want the dimmed background behond the image recorded by the webcam...




      Just to add a note...

      I'm a audiovisual technician and works with a lot of Adobe software (Premiere Pro, After Effect, Lightroom, Photoshop...)

      I know that I can record a introduction video in my studio.  Edit it with Premiere Pro and import it in Powerpoint Adobe Presenter in the sidebar section.


      But I work with University teachers and lots of them want to make their online course alone.  They need to record a small video clip with Adobe Presenter  and they want to be able to do that easily as in old version of Adobe Presenter... nobody understand why that function doesn't exist anymore...


      they are thinking now to use another software instead of Adobe Presenter.........