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    Flash 11 installed but not detected by IE


      I'm not a Windows user, but trying to help my elderly parents figure out why they are no longer able to watch videos on their laptop.


      They have a Dell Studio XPS 1645 machine, Intel Core CPU Q720 @ 1.60 Ghz

      Installed memory 4GB, 64-bit OS


      Running Windows 7


      Internet Explorer automatically updated 11/26/2013.


      On Youtube, we see the thumbnail for videos but nothing happens if you press play. On other sites with videos, for example comcast.net, we get the message that "flash is not installed". I downloaded Flash64_11_9_900_152.ocx and ran it.

      Installation runs without errors, but videos still don't work and error messages still indicate Flash is not installed.


      I uninstalled and re-installed Flash with no success. Flash is enabled as an add-on in IE. Active X filtering is not activated in IE.


      What next?