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    Drop shadow in AE 12.1

    David Coiffier

      Hi everybody,


      Did anyone noticed ? Drop shadow behavior has changed recently, maybe between 12.0 and 12.1 update.


      Since ever, drop shadow has been applied before transforms, causing us to compensate shadow angle when rotating layer at the same time.

      Now it seems that we don't need to compensate anymore, as if shadow angle was applied after transforms.


      This is definitely a handy update, but is there a way to reverse this behavior to the old one, for compatibility purpose ?





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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          There is no change in that area. My guess is that you have sometimes been using the Drop Shadow effect, which comes before transforms, and sometimes been using the Drop Shadow layer style, which comes after. Another possibility is that you're sometimes using the effect on continuously rasterized layers, which have a different render order.




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            David Coiffier Level 1

            Thank you Todd,  you guessed right. As soon as I stop cont raster, drop shadow behaves as I'm used to.

            I've just watched your valuable link, and have now a suggestion to make, if you don't mind.


            Transform fx is an effective way to switch transform before other fx, but it adds one more filtering pass to your regular transforms filtering (unless layer transforms are all at default settings I guess), tending to soft result.

            What about if instead of using transform fx, we could go in the timeline, and grab either transforms, fx or masks and reorder their respective order, like we do between fx in fx window ? It would be a GREAT feature, don't you think ??

            We could also see fx & transforms switching automatically when toggling cont raster on & off, to get a logical feedback from interface, in respect to the top from bottom rendering.


            Thanks again for you help and your time,