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    Question:  I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong and would so appreciate help.


      I really need help! I took on a project to produce free of charge an online publication for a non-profit nature club as they could not get anyone else. My background is in communications but not at the design or layout level. I bought InDesign and a how-to book and the first issue turned out quite well. However, I have run into a problem with this second issue that I can't get past and it has to do with the cover. I have a colour that works perfectly with the seasonal masthead and the cover photo and I want to apply it as the background for the cover page. I want the text box with the highlights of what's in the issue to appear on top of this background. I have tried two different ways to make this happen.


      1. I made a text box to cover the entire space and applied the colour swatch. I already had the cover photo in place. Then I tried to add a text box so I could list the highlights. I couldn't type in it.


      2. I went back to scratch and  created the text box with the highlights. However, I don't see any way of applying the colour as the background  below the masthead.


      I have no idea how I got this to work with the first issue that I did in the spring, as you'll see from the second image attached.


      Does this have to do with layers?