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    32-Bit Color Space Making Letters Disappear

    everin Level 1

      This is an awkward and random issue, but switching to 32-bit color space is making letters disappear from a text animation. I'm using an animation that types the letters in one at a time, but when one letter appears the one before it just disappears.


      Not sure why this is happening or how to go about fixing it. It seems to be causing the problem when it renders out, so it's not just in the program. For some reason it's creating issues for all of the animations that do this, all the letters but the one in the most current frame are just disappearing. It also looks like some text I have at the start is just disappearing for no reason, it's not even animated.


      Also, unrelated, but selecting "Linearalize Working Space" just wrecks all the colors on the screen and make them totally wrong, not sure what that's about either.