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    loading slide show takes too long - want play to start earlier


      I made a long slideshow with perhaps 80 smallish (700x500) images. It is just a simple timeline with fade ins with varying durations for displaying the images. Most images are shown for a second or more. It takes quite a while to load sometimes. One is left looking at the preload gif - which makes a bad impression.


      Is there any way I can code it such that it will start to play after say 10 images or fewer are loaded. There would be plenty of time I would think for the rest to load while the show is going on - even with a bad connection.


      If I had control I could tweak till I found what I think is the best compromise. It would be preferable in the worst case for there to be pauses in the playback down the line rather than at the start.


      I was thinking of splitting it into chunks and making a load url action once in a while for another gaggle of images. But that sounds a very poor solution at onset  - as if it would break up the action even if it was being viewed on a fast connection.


      I am prepared start all over if there are any better strategies suggested