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    Fill in another form?


      I would like to ask my Form Fillers at the end if they'd like to fill out another form (for a new enrolment/entry).

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          jcanepa Adobe Employee

          Do you want to reload the current form or direct them to a different form?  Either way you can have a Single Choice field that asks if they want to fill out another form.  Below that you would add a Formatted Text field with the URL to the form.  To add the URL link select menu item Insert-> Link... You would then mark the Formatted Text field as hidden unless the user chooses "yes" to your question (do you want to fill out another form).  To do this you select the Formatted Text field and select Show / Hide Item in the field properties widget.  In the resulting dialog click Add Condition.  Then select your condition field (do you want to fill out another form) and select value "yes".

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