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    Ctrl + J for a new layer

    John_Picton Level 3

      Hi all


      I know that if I make a selection I can press Ctrl + J to promote that selection to a new layer.


      Is there a way to promote the layer but leave the focus on the existing layer?


      What would be the absolute icing on the cake would be if I could have the focus stay on the existing layer AND for the selection that has just been promoted to be de-selected.





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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          You could probably do it with an action, but I don't think there is an existing method.  Is there a particular reason?

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            John_Picton Level 3

            Thanks for the reply Trevor.


            I am showing the basics of photoshop to a couple of my clients (I work with people that have had strokes or for some other reason find mobility difficult). One lady in particular is very keen on creating a variety of layouts for her photographs and I have found a variety of images that are potentially suitable and some of them are effectively single layer images which look like contact sheets.


            What I want to do is to promote each of the individual contacts to a new layer so that she can use a clipping mask on each layer to clip each photo to the different contacts.


            So I am using the magic wand on each of the squares (which works perfectly well as each square is a solid colour - grey). Then pressing Ctrl - J to promote it to a new layer. I then have to click on the base layer again, press Ctrl + D to Deselect and then repeat the process for the other squares.


            To be honest I only have to do a few of them and to do them individually isn't too much of a problem. But it threw up the question and I thought I would ask in the spirit of expanding my knowledge.





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              Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Sounds like Trevor's suggestion would be best.  But when you create the action, use alt/opt-[ to select the original layer.  This way you're action will not be dependant on the layer's name.