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    Finding a specific word and change other character on page


      Hi all,


      I'm a noob with GREP. I would like to know if the next thing is possible (and how ofcourse )


      I have the following text in one text-box:

           METAL (has the stylecolor red)

           Head text

           Intro text

           body text

           footer text i


      Now i want to apply a GREP in the paragraph style on the footer text character i

      This is what it should do. If METAL is in the paragraph then chance the i into the selected style (color red)

      (I want to make more, example: When there stands INDUSTRY the i should be blue, Business the i is orange, and so on)


      i thought this would do the trick: (?<=METAL)i\s

      But that only works when METAL is standing directlybefore the i on the same line --> METALi


      Hope someone knows how to make this work.