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    how can I add 'AlternateSpace' and 'AlternateColorValue' to my IDML in InDesign?

    karen o'sullivan

      how can I add 'AlternateSpace' and 'AlternateColorValue' to my IDML in InDesign?

      I have a document and colors (CMYK) but need also RGB values to display on the web.

      In IDML in Resources/Graphic.xml in each Color are attributes 'AlternateSpace' and 'AlternateColorValue'.

      How can I set this in InDesign?

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I cannot follow you exactly…
          Do you mean you are using the IDML in a further process for Web Design? Translating the IDML to HTML or something?

          And now, you need the alternate information for doing the RGB representation of some or all the colors?


          InDesign itself does not provide an interface to that.
          Nor does scripting.


          However, you could change the values in an IDML or IDMS file by editing the file(s):


          AlternateSpace="NoAlternateColor" to: AlternateSpace="RGB"

          AlternateColorValue"" to: AlternateColorValue"0 144 54"  (a green one)


          Here a tabular overview of the properties of a color exported with a colored rectangle as IDMS file:


              Color Self="Color/GREEN1-Process" 
              ColorValue="100 0 100 0" 


          If you'll import the edited IDMS file in a new document and export again as IDML or IDMS, the changed values will persist.
          Don't know, if that goes in the right direction for you. I'm guessing here a lot…




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